Check Out The New WordPress 3.8 Beta Version

//Check Out The New WordPress 3.8 Beta Version

Check Out The New WordPress 3.8 Beta Version

The new WordPress 3.8 beta version is out and available for download. Basically there are a few changes in the overall appearance and the default theme, and several bugs have been fixed.

Here is a list of the new things included (quote from the official release):

  • The new admin design, especially the responsive aspect of it. Try it out on different devices and browsers, see how it goes, especially the more complex pages like widgets or seldom-looked-at-places like Press This. Color schemes, which you can change on your profile, have also been spruced up.
  • The dashboard homepage has been refreshed, poke and prod it.
  • Choosing themes under Appearance is completely different, try to break it however possible.
  • There‚Äôs a new default theme, Twenty Fourteen

So the excellent news is that if you are setting up WP for the first time you will get a much better version of the default theme. Responsive and better looking, enjoy.

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