Man Bought Lamborghini With 91.4 Bitcoins

//Man Bought Lamborghini With 91.4 Bitcoins

Man Bought Lamborghini With 91.4 Bitcoins

A man bought a Lamborghini from the New Beach car dealership. This Tesla Model Lamborghini is worth 103 thousand dollars.

“In case you’re wondering what Bitcoin is, Bitcoin is an open source person-to-person electronic tender that uses cryptography to secure transactions.  Many failsafes are in place to prevent double-spending and are impossible to duplicate.  Bitcoins have been around years but it wasn’t until a year or two ago that they came into the public’s eye.” the dealership announced on the blog.

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly successful not only it the shady internet world but as a currency for real life goods. Hopefully this example will be followed by many other retailers.

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