Moto G smartphone or fashion accessory?

//Moto G smartphone or fashion accessory?

Moto G smartphone or fashion accessory?

The new Moto G smartphone enables you enjoy a 720p 4.5-inch display, Android-powered and cheap price tag which the company plans to attract customers for cheaper smartphones from Europe, Brasil, Asia. The model however is nothing than a cheap copy of the new iPhone colorful features.

Seeing smartphones as a fashion accessory doesn’t help the company on the long-term. This can only be accomplished with real innovations. However as a cheap phone with pretty good features I know many people that will want to buy this phone.

It just may happen that this new model will increase the already scary competition in the low-priced Android based devices, and gain Google some points against Microsoft but it won’t help Motorola, and will surely not touch the iPhone market. That is only possible with high-quality, high-priced smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy line.

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