Searching WordPress with sortable search

//Searching WordPress with sortable search

Searching WordPress with sortable search

For every blog or website on the internet running on WordPress, having a functional search plugin is necessary for web visitors. It gives them an option to search for what they need without having to scroll through the web pages. Whether you are running an online store or a simple blog, you can’t afford to losers your sites’ traffic due to a lack of necessary features like a search addon. Currently, people are so accustomed to Google such that having a simple search addon website is not enough. You need a reliable plugin, offering sophisticated and flexible search functionality.

Having a reliable WordPress plugin on your website will not only help in maintaining your visitors but also have a positive impact on the Bounce rate and eventually, your sites’ SEO. Even though WordPress CMS comes with a default search option, it is not much reliable. It is not only slow, but it also has a dull look. With the right WordPress plugin, you can provide your visitors with a search option that is fast, reliable and more engaging with your visitors.A comprehensive search plugin should be accurate and provide users with a way to filter search results. Such a plugin that satisfies all the necessary needs for an efficient search plugin is the Sortable Search.

Sortable Search is an add-on to the Sortable plugin which offers sophisticated and flexible search functionality for your website. It is a simple search plugin that will make the visitors experience online quite amazing. You can create and embed the search forms on any web page by use of shortcodes. Unlike most WordPress search plugins that limit you to the number of search suggestions, Sortable Search lets you customize your search suggestions. This is achieved by uploading the suggestions as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

To work with Sortable Search, you will first have to install the Sortable plugin then install the Sortable Search as an add-on. On the WordPress dashboard, you will see the Sortable tab on the sideline menu. When you click on it, you will see a dropdown option of two menus, Sortable and Search. 

Sortable Search opens a window with two tabs, Shortcodes and Default Settings. With the Shortcodes tab, you can generate a shortcode that you can embed anywhere on your web page, thus providing your users with a search bar.

To generate the shortcode, you will have to fill four text fields before selecting the page on which you wish the search bar to appear.

The first parameter is a drop down menu from which you choose the search box type you would wish to embed on your site. You are provided with three types of a search box that you wish to use in your website, full, simple, and without filters. Full search box means the title, subtitle, search field, and any filters. Without Filters means if you want to generate it without the filters part ( or if you haven’t purchased the Advanced Filters Sortable addon). The Simple form means only a regular search box. The second field is the search title, which acts as the title of the search box. The third field is the subtitle. It can be a small description of the search box or what you can achieve with it. We then have the search placeholder field. It is used to display a simple message to the visitor. For example, Type here to search.

When you are done setting everything up, you should see a shortcode generated below. Copy this code and embed it in your posts or web pages. 

That is how you can add a flexible and reliable search functionality on your website using Sortable Search. It is an easy procedure considering that the admin WYSIWYG area is clear and simple to understand and use. To get the Sortable Search plugin for your website, visit

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