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The Alumni view or layout helps you display the testimonials or team members in a sophisticated simplified design. Although the category filter is available for EACH layout, it goes best with the Alumni view. The only difference in color is the More button but as you can see it doesn’t make any sense of displaying it (although it is available).

Louisa Farrell Lead Generation Expert
“ A++ team and service. Love the way they work! Would gladly recommend to everyone in the market for this sort of services. ”
Jenny Wilson Product Tester & Researcher
“ Love the quality of this product. I can use it anytime anywhere and still have time to do the things I want to do. I would highly recommend it to anyone. ”
Jonathan Pierce Internet Marketing
“ Easy to install, simple to use, straightforward to configure, and with a wealth of 8 options and 11 Transition Effects. You can add images to rotate in any sidebar. Arrange image order with drag & drop. You can also add links to each image. ”
Jason Brown PHP Developer
“ What a plugin! I got it for my pricing page, but immediately found at least three new uses - the clients, our team and the home page. I recommend it to anyone. ”
Mike Brennan Event Manager
“ I really got excellent service and training and would highly recommend to others. They have succeeded in creating training courses which are specific and relevant to the needs of our organisation. ”
Aron Yvon WordPress Developer
“ I just wanted to say thank you guys! I am impressed by the quality of your service. Your programming skills are awesome, your team have excellent communication skills and I will recommend you guys for all our future WordPress projects! ”
Heather Williams Project Manager
“ Our product was enhanced and improved by innovations we were able to create during the engineering process with input from their professionals. Work is done on schedule and on budget. Schedules and delivery times are reasonable, well planned and executed professionally. ”
Dave Peterson Data Management
“ The response to problems is always very fast, resolved quickly and can usually be done remotely which saves me time. The off site data back ups happen seamlessly and without interrupting anything we have scheduled. ”
Chakewe Inc. Financial Services
“ The UI design was beautiful and it will enable us to continue marketing and selling well into the future. The sprints were delivered as planned and the timeline was achieved without exception. The dev team was fast and responsive. All was done very professionally, timely, on budget and met my expectations, as I've come to expect from the team. ”
CodeShop Development of Android Apps
“ They have been very responsive in their interaction and cross-country borders have not been an issue for delivering high-quality work. Their team is very professional on the technical side, and with offices in the US, Europe, and India have demonstrated their capacity to react at anytime. ”
Wheels Inc International Transportation Company
“ Wpicode has one of the best product development teams to partner with in the industry. While developing the Android app, I was impressed by the extremely smart folks we worked with across the board in Project Management, Design, Development and QA. ”
IntelPro Inc. Software Company
“ The experience of working with Wpicode team was exceptionally positive. There was good collaboration, efficient communication, lots of positive synergy and we appreciated the work you did for us. Hats off for a job well done! ”


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