Writing Testimonials of your Customers

//Writing Testimonials of your Customers

Writing Testimonials of your Customers

There are different types of websites and blogs on the internet. Each of them serving a particular purpose. We have e-commerce sites, information blogs, entertainments websites, job application sites, freelancing and many more. The goal of every web manager is to ensure that they deliver the best to their users and visitors. For their business to grow, they need to attract more visitors and also maintain the existing users. To achieve this, we consider the customers’ view. As the saying goes, the customer is always right.

After visitors browse your site and get the service they need, its good to provide them with a platform where they can leave a message/testimonial about the services they received and even the general online experience. Whether it is a critic or a kudos, the information is important. To integrate this customer testimonials and product reviews in a WordPress site, you need a reliable plugin. One which is easy to use, responsive to your website design, interactive and affordable. One such plugin is the Testimonials_Ultimate by wpicode.

Testimonials ultimate enables you to display testimonials on your website. You can display the testimonials from your clients in two ways. You can display them in the sidebar through the Testimonials Ultimate widget or you can display them in a page or post using the short-code. To get this amazing plugin, you can download it from wpicode.com. Install the plugin and activate. On the dashboard menu, you should see an additional Testimonials menu item. This article will focus on writing and displaying customer testimonials on your website.

To create and embed your first testimonial, click on the testimonials menu item of the dashboard to open the Testimonials Ultimate admin panel. It will open the testimonials admin window. If you look below the Testimonials menu item, you will see other four sub-menus namely, Testimonials, Add New testimonial, Extra shortcode, and settings. If you click on the testimonials sub-menu, it will still open the admin window. This page will display all the testimonials you will create. You can see there the View, Add/Edit and Info Menu items. Delete the template/demo testimonials.

On the dashboard menu, click on the Add New Testimonials sub-menu. A new window will open containing a number of fields which you are required to fill. The key fields are:

  • Name ( Person or Company name)
  • Category ( Enter a new category in create category)
  • Order number (Just enter one number from 1-10)
  • Testimonial (Enter customers’ testimonial or product review)
  • Image (A picture of the customer. You can upload it or enter the url link)

You can also include the star rating of up to 5 starts. After you are done filling all the required fields, click on the insert post tab. The testimonials page will be opened and you can see your testimonial listed there. Now you need to create a shortcode to insert the testimonial into your web page or post.

On the testimonials window that displays the customer testimoanials created, you will see a shortcode generator right below it.
(Image of short code generator on testimonials page)

Fill in the required fields namely;

  • Category
  • Layout (The layout in which the testimonials will be displayed i.e Accordion, simple etc. You basically have 9 layouts or 8 if you don’t count the widget view layout)
  • Theme color

and several more additional fields. The shortcode will be generated automatically. Copy the shortcode and embed it in your post or web page to display the testimonial in your website. Depending on the layout and theme you chose, you should see something like this,

With Version 3.0 of Testimonials Ultimate, there are new shortcodes added to this plugin. These shortcodes can be found in the Extra Shortcodes sub-menu in the Testimonials menu item. We have the progress bar that displays 3 progress bar on your site. You can change the percentage and color values as you wish.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-7.png

The other extra shortcode is the pricing shortcode, that displays a pricing table on you website.

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